Continuing to enjoy spring, we have been doing ladybird activities this week. We have talked about how God makes the ladybirds and that they are helpful in the garden, just as God made… Continue reading


We’ve been loving the spring weather here lately, here are a few of the activities it has inspired. We have been reminding each other that God makes the flowers and gives them all that… Continue reading


Our theme this week is nothing more than an excuse to do lots of maths activities (which is not difficult with so many fun ways to do them). – fish and graph. We… Continue reading


The little man and I have spoken a lot lately about real and pretend things and of course aliens came up often while we were busy with space activities recently. So this week… Continue reading


Following on from planes last week, we spent this week having fun with rockets. – painting a rocket and aluminium foil – planet painting (rolling practice golf balls through paint) – sorting words into… Continue reading


The little man was enjoying folding and flying paper aeroplanes so we came up with a few more activities to go along with it. – Folding, flying and measuring distance with paper planes… Continue reading

Box Dump Truck

Thanks for all your requests for more information on making a dump truck from a cardboard box. I used one nappy/diaper box for the cab and frame and a second, smaller box for… Continue reading

Egg Science

The little man was recently given a science kit which he loves so with Easter approaching and so many experiments that use eggs we decided to have some fun with egg science. We also talked… Continue reading

Owls and Fireflies

Lots of owls and fireflies this week, inspired by PD Eastman, Sam and the Firefly. Beginner Books, 1958. – paper bag owls (inspired by this) – bottle fireflies with glowsticks (inspired by this) – pom… Continue reading

Fire engine fun

Making the large cardboard fire engine sparked a week of fire engine and firemen activities for us. – cardboard tube firemen and dalmatians (dalmatian inspired by these reindeer) – fire engine word match (inspired by… Continue reading