Egg Science

The little man was recently given a science kit which he loves so with Easter approaching and so many experiments that use eggs we decided to have some fun with egg science. We also talked… Continue reading

Owls and Fireflies

Lots of owls and fireflies this week, inspired by PD Eastman, Sam and the Firefly. Beginner Books, 1958. – paper bag owls (inspired by this) – bottle fireflies with glowsticks (inspired by this) – pom… Continue reading

Fire engine fun

Making the large cardboard fire engine sparked a week of fire engine and firemen activities for us. – cardboard tube firemen and dalmatians (dalmatian inspired by these reindeer) – fire engine word match (inspired by… Continue reading

Fire Engine

Our latest addition to our collection of box vehicles is a fire engine made from a large cardboard box.  Being so much bigger than our previous vehicles, I was able to add doors on one… Continue reading

Valentine’s Day

We have spent the past couple of weeks using Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to talk about God’s love - God’s love for children, God’s love for everyone, our love for God and our… Continue reading

Ice Cream

We have been escaping the summer heat with some ice cream fun, it’s been one of the most fun themes we’ve done together. – ice cream taste testing – making our own 3-ingredient… Continue reading

Nativity Mini Viewer

I made the nativity story in the format of a mini viewer using these instructions (I only have one style of drawing so these scenes are largely the same as the ones I drew last… Continue reading


I love baking gingerbread and Christmas doesn’t feel like Christmas to me until I’ve made a gingerbread house. This year my inspiration was the little man who asked, “why can’t I have a gingerbread… Continue reading

Cookie Swap

I have eaten a lot of cookies lately, a lot. I hosted a cookie swap, a tradition that more Australians need to adopt, and had a wonderful time baking, eating, choosing packaging and… Continue reading

Melbourne Cup

We had friends join us for some preschooler-friendly horse racing fun for the Melbourne Cup this week. We made paper bag horse puppets, cardboard hobby horses and horse spoons, rode in our box horses and… Continue reading