I know you’ve requested food art of another kind, but I want to share a recent project – felt food.

There aren’t many duplicates because I was enjoying creating new things too much to repeat the same design, so perhaps I’ll re-visit felt food later on so each food isn’t so lonely. As usual with a project, I spent 2 weeks obsessively sewing and then decided I had to stop so I could do other productive things – my projects get a lot of attention for a short-lived time.

I didn’t use any patterns but just took some inspiration from a couple of tutorials and lots of pictures, then cut freehand and stitched. This approach resulted in an oversized mushroom, an apple with a disproportionately large stalk and a stumpy corn but generally they turned out well. And kids have good imaginations anyway, right? So if you’re interested in making some felt food or seeing some more, there is plenty around. Here’s where my inspiration is from:

Banana and corn: Just stuff

Burger (inspired by a sandwich pattern): Myrtle & Eunice

Beets: Cut Out and Keep

Strawberries: ikat bag

That was enough to give me some basics to create my own but if you’d like more there are long lists of links to more tutorials here and here.