Another birthday treat this week – monkey pops! These are 100% chocolate – a ball of chocolate cake mixed with chocolate icing, then covered in milk chocolate, and given white and milk chocolate details and m&m ears. Cake balls have been one of my husband’s favourite treats for a few years now but this is only my second attempt at cake pops (much more fun!)

Inspired by Bakerella.

The monkey pops were part of our week of monkey activities as we learnt that God make monkeys, gives them somewhere to live and gives them food to eat. (I’ve been inspired by Katherine Marie’s theme of the week and fun with series, adapting them to teach my little man about God.)



– Monkey pops

– Monkey sandwich

– Monkey painting

– Monkey picnic (inside because we’ve had so much rain)

– Counting monkeys, hide and seek with monkeys and giving them a home in the tree