This week we brought together the last few weeks and learnt that God made all the African Safari animals. This is a fun theme and I’m sure we’ll come back to it – plenty more ideas that we didn’t have time for.


– Mini safari (folded animals idea from Fiona Watt, 1000 Things to Make and Do, Usborne Publishing 2011, p226-7).

– Dressing up

– Obstacle course (balance along the ‘bridge’, jump in and out of the water, balance the balls on the tree-trunks, roll the balls through the holes, crawl through the ‘cave’)

– Sensory tub




– Matching silhouettes and animals (we also matched some of these animals to their sounds)

– Painting footprints with safari animals

– Matching animal prints and animals

– Jeep (admittedly we played with this throughout December and no longer have it but it would have been perfect for this week)

Giraffe Sandwich (not pictured)