After making my Easter cookies I’ve been inspired to learn more about decorating cookies, so last week I had fun experimenting with brush embroidery and different consistencies of icing. I used this sugar cookie recipe and was really pleased with it (especially as it doesn’t need to be refrigerated).

Firstly I made some square cookies and ‘painted’ flowers onto them, using Bee in our Bonnet’s Vintage Inspired Cookies as my guide. All you need is some icing and a paintbrush to ‘paint’ the icing inwards on each petal. I added some white nonpareils in the middle. Some straighter edges on both the cookies and the icing would have looked a lot better but that’s how you know I’m new to this.

Then I made some poppies, which I had been excited to try. I used this tutorial from The Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle.

The cookies were for a party so I wanted to keep them small so they would be eaten. With small cookies, my lack of experience and my time frame, I didn’t do a second layer of petals on either type of cookie, although I think it would have looked much better if I had. Almost all the cookies were eaten which surprised me (I would always choose to eat a slice of chocolate cake before I ate a cookie, but cookies are so much prettier!)