Tutorials are now available: {Part 1 – simple car} here and {Part 2 – larger truck} here.

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Last week I was expecting to make one vehicle for the little man out of a nappy box (diaper box). That vehicle was a bulldozer with a moving blade.

But as soon as he had finished admiring it, he requested a dump truck. I hadn’t planned to make a dump truck – aesthetically it would need to be much larger than the bulldozer for the little man to still fit into the cab and have the tray (bed) proportionate. But I agreed (it was an easier request than a cement mixer afterall). The tray may be disproportionately small but it dumps.

Then he requested a bus which he sat in the entire time I was making it, giving me instructions.

The bus is made from one and a half boxes, the other half was added onto the fire engine.

So we needed the other emergency vehicles, firstly the ambulance.

Then the police car.

I had been planning to make about six of these box vehicles, thinking I may might make one every week or so for our next theme on different people. But this far through construction I decided I would finish the last two vehicles. The post van,

And the delivery truck (what better to deliver than cupcakes?!)

I’m now out of nappy boxes (I’m not sure if this is a good or a bad thing) so perhaps now I should make a petrol pump (gas pump) to keep all these vehicles going.