We have been learning that God made and God loves doctors, that he wants doctors to love him and expanding our theme to talk about how God wants us to talk to him and that he hears us when we do. This week lent itself to a lot of pretend play and ‘kissing better’.

– craft doctor kit (idea from here)

– band-aid people craft (idea from here)

– 5 senses (eyes to see, basil nose to smell, raisin mouth to taste, bell ears to hear and felt hands to feel. Adapted from here. This was the little man’s favourite activity this week and he came up with a lot of variations)

– colour and shape matching pills to their bottles

– craft stethoscope (adapted from this)

– sorting food and an opportunity to talk about healthy eating, exercise and health

– x-ray craft (idea from here)

– doctor pretend play (doctor kit, waiting room and box ambulance)