Our second last week of this theme on different people was about postmen. I love writing and receiving mail so the postman and post office are not new to the little man. I tried to use this theme to not only teach about God’s love and desire for us to love him and pray to him, but also to talk about loving and looking after our friends and family.

– matching letters to letter boxes (by colour, number and animal recipient)

– obstacle course with postal supplies (bubble wrap, envelopes, string, brown paper)

– learning heavy and light through weighing (and stacking) parcels

– pretend play (making and sending letters and postcards as well as delivering them as the postman, using the cardboard box post van and cardboard post box. The little man loves the post box and was playing with it well before I’d finished it)

Also not pictured:

– making and sending cards (with drawing, glueing, stickers and stamps)

– cards received from family and friends during the week (thank you!)

– visit to the Post Office and posting our international Christmas cards and parcels