Our final week of our theme on different people is a very special person to us – the new baby that our family will welcome in a few weeks. We reinforced that God made and loves everyone and wants everyone to love him and pray to him, taking this generalisation and making it more specific to our family and the baby soon to join it.

And now you know to expect fewer posts here soon.

– taste testing baby foods

– matching footprint patterns

– making rattles with scrunched paper, bells and baby bottles

– buying a gift for the little man to give to the baby (we also sorted his toys and clothes to give to or share with the baby)

– baby bingo with onesies

– babies made from a nappy (diaper), wash cloth and baby sock (idea from here)

– baby faces

– the poster we used throughout this theme

– paper plate baby and pram (inspired by this)

– what do babies do? (to manage the little man’s expectations)

– (not pictured) the little man came to his first midwife visit