My little man says his favourite colour is “rainbow” so I thought we may celebrate the colourful world God has given us with some rainbow activities. There are far too many to squeeze into one week so here is Part I of our fun.


– fruit rainbow

– rainbow rice (I was surprised how long the colours stayed separate while my little man carefully spooned rice of each colour into different bowls. Then he wanted to see how far it he could make rice fly by banging the spoon until we had a rainbow floor. To colour rice mix it with food colouring and a little white vinegar and let it dry)

– jelly crystal playdough and cookies (idea from here)


– paper plate clown (the little man insisted that the balloon should not be blown up. Idea from here)

– popsicle stick, cupcake liner and button flowers

– colour bingo (we pulled a colour from the case and glued a piece of that colour onto the butterfly)

– pipe cleaner and cotton wool rainbows (as the picture shows, making these then rearranging and rearranging again was very fun for the little man. Idea from here)


– fruit loop strings

– coloured salt tray (idea from here)

– fireworks in a cup (idea from here via here)

Rainbows Part II here.