Here are more of our rainbow activities – there are so many fun things to do with colours (see Part I here). We not only talked about all the colours God made but also learnt about Noah, an opportunity to talk about God’s justice and salvation and our rebellion and obedience.


– tactile balloon matching (I made pairs of balloons with different fillings so we could match the pairs by touch. The colours of the balloons were irrelevant but it was still a colourful activity of sorts. Idea from here)

– Noah’s Ark craft (the little man asked me to draw steps and a door so the animals could get in, and then he glued all the animals at the windows so they could see out)

– colour mixing in milk (idea from here)

– colour mixing with paper towel (Put water coloured with primary colours in every other glass and link each glass with paper towel. Over time the water soaks up the paper towel and mixes into the empty glasses. Idea from here via here)


– colour sorting

– toilet roll birds (which the little man named, “Little Bird 1” and “Little Bird 2”)

– paper plate fish


– rainbow cupcakes