Playdough {Part 1}


The little man has always liked playdough and, after receiving a Play-Doh package from some overseas friends, has been asking for it incessantly. So I had planned to make a few special trays for him rather than just getting out our standard materials. He had greater plans suggesting, ‘How about Sesame Street playdough now? How about doctor playdough and fireman playdough? Bus playdough? …’ turning my one week concept into almost a month of ideas, most of which were his own. I have loved how he has built on and repurposed the items on the trays, doing far more than I had in mind.

Nurture Store and The Imagination Tree have great playdough inspiration and recipes if you are looking for ideas. Here’s what has filled our weeks lately. Part 2 {here} and Part 3 {here}.

kerieneplaydoughpost2 kerieneplaydoughpost2



– A forest. The little man soon turned this into a retelling of Donaldson and Scheffler, The Gruffalo.  Dial Books for Young Readers, 1999.




– Space (I added black food colouring gel and glitter to my usual playdough recipe). Inspired by this.




– Colour matching. The little man alternated colour matching with colour mixing. Inspired by this.




– Sensory playdough. We had aromatic playdough (lavender, mint, peanut, gingerbread, coconut, chocolate and orange), edible (peanut butter and chocolate) and tactile (polenta, corn kernels, rice and pasta pieces). Inspired by some of these.



– Bakery, baking bread and cupcakes. I also used this tray to look at the different patterns that utensils leave in playdough. Inspired by this.




– Firemen. The little man suggested that we add a cat up a tree for the firemen to rescue.



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