We have had a lot of fun with playdough over the past few weeks and I have used more cream of tartar than cumulatively across the rest of my life. I use the recipe my mum handed down to me which is very similar to the first of these recipes. I have used gel food colourings to get bright colours, and some of the playdough in these posts was store-bought. The little man and I have experimented with the slightly different textures of the three types of dough we used, some are easier to work with, some are smoother.

Nurture Store and The Imagination Tree have great playdough inspiration and recipes if you are looking for ideas. Here’s what has filled our weeks lately. Part 1 {here} and Part 2 {here}.

kerieneplaydoughpost1 kerieneplaydoughpost2



– Sesame Street. We experimented with different ways to make the characters look furry – pinching, rolling then attaching small pieces, scraping with a fork, piping and pushing the playdough through items with small holes (like a garlic press, lemon juicer or sieve). The sieve gave the best fur.




– Squashing phonics. We found and squashed different letter sounds, and used some of them to make a few words. Inspired by this shaving cream version. The little man enjoyed sticking the alphabet letters onto the playdough balls as much as he did squashing them.




– Movie Theatre. The little man loved this one (again, one of his own ideas). He declared himself the only person who works at the movies, making the popcorn, selling the tickets, putting the DVD in and pressing play, turning off the lights and so on. I included scissors, tongs and a scoop for different fine motor skills and some numbers for him to count out popcorn or corn kernels. To my surprise, this was the tray that had the most use of them all.




– Builder. Inspired by this and this.




– Ramps. The little man has been interested in cylinders lately so we used this tray to explore which shapes and sizes would roll down the ramps or through a tube and whether they needed to be rotated a particular way. Inspired by this.




– Doctor. I love how, if you look carefully in the bottom right picture below, the little man gave his patient a Band-Aid.




– Polar. This was one of my favourite trays. Inspired by this.