We have been thinking about all sorts of jobs recently and talking about how God has made us all differently and that, while we may see these outward differences, God looks at our hearts (1 Samuel 16:7).


I made the little man a folder with worksheets for different jobs (including diver, chef, waiter, explorer,  doctor, vet, clown, scientist, librarian, cleaner, banker, boat captain, minister, musician, artist, builder) and we visited lots of places around the city and talked about all the jobs we saw people doing. He put his maps and tickets into his folder and added pictures of the places he visited into the picture of the city. We also had a paper person with outfits so he could dress it up (as a teacher, astronaut, coach, fireman, policeman and so on) and a job match, matching job titles to their descriptions.

It led to a lot of dressing up, pretend play and plenty of fun activities which I will post more about during the week. {For more activities related to different jobs see bus driver, firefighters, doctors, bakers, postmen and farmers}.