I live for Christ.

I cherish my husband.

I am besotted with my sons.

My sister is awesome, as are my parents.

I love a chat over coffee or brunch with friends.

Nap-time is when I pursue whatever project has my attention at the time.

I create to relax and like that using my hands can stop my mind.

I enjoy cooking and especially baking. I eat gluten and dairy free. I don’t believe you can own too many recipe books.

I am organised by nature but in practice I am not as organised as I would like to be.

I am from Sydney, Australia but spent a wonderful couple of years in Philadelphia, PA. This blog is largely for my friends there – I wish we could still share life in person!

I have my reservations about starting a blog. It could become an obsession which takes over my life or it could fizzle out as life takes over it. Not to mention there are 1000s of mothers-who-craft blogs already. But I have had so many requests that I can’t say no any more. In fact, I am very bad at saying no in general.

I hope you enjoy, thanks for joining me here.