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Today is shrove Tuesday so we’ve been enjoying some pancake fun while talking about Easter approaching. I think this is a good time to talk about our sin and God’s great grace and forgiveness so we have been looking at 1 John 1:9:

But if we confess our sins to God, he will keep his promise and do what is right: he will forgive us our sins and purify us from all our wrongdoing. (GNT)




Nativity Pretend Play

We are continuing to excitedly prepare for Christmas with plenty of time spent talking about the birth of Jesus as we craft and play as well as some celebrations with Christmas desserts and friends.


– Peg doll nativity




– Angels from mini funnels


– Cardboard box nativity for pretend play




– Christmas dessert evening


One week to go!


Christmas Travellers


We have been exploring Christmas around the world and all the differences there are in traditions and celebrations. Despite all the differences we could see that there are people all over the world celebrating the birth of Jesus, a truth we kept coming back to throughout all these activities. We enjoyed Christmas celebrations, Christmas crafts, Christmas cookies (and other special foods) and Christmas cheer.


Christmas Celebrating

We chose a few cities and found out what continent and country they are in, what language they speak and what the climate is at Christmas time. Then we researched what Christmas is like in that city. Some of the cities we chose for their unique Christmas traditions and others because we know people living there.



Christmas Crafts


We enjoyed some crafts from around the world.

– Danish woven hearts

– Scandinavian gnomes (inspired by these, although we used cardboard rolls and cotton wool balls)

– Stencilling Mexican patterns (using bunting from Kmart as a stencil)

– Painting poinsettias with cardboard tubes (idea from here)

– Paper parol from the Philippines (instructions here)


– Class gifts for the little man to give (chocolate bar wrapped and decorated)


Christmas Cookies


We baked cookies from other countries. Links to some of the recipes we used are here and here, the other recipes we used are family favourites.


Christmas Cheer


We matched the Christmas greeting in different languages to the country in which they speak it.


We hope you are getting ready to celebrate Christmas and the birth of Jesus wherever you are.






I love baking gingerbread and Christmas doesn’t feel like Christmas to me until I’ve made a gingerbread house. This year my inspiration was the little man who asked, “why can’t I have a gingerbread house that I can play with?” (we can work on the manners later, but I don’t see any reason why he can’t). Here’s what I came up with.



The two pieces slot together to make a 3-dimensional house, and of course we needed some people to play in it. I’m still hoping to add some gingerbread furniture (unless of course the house has been eaten before I have the chance).


The little man has also helped me make some more simple cookies (he is intrigued by wreaths at the moment so we decided to make an edible one). He has been playing with gingerbread playdough recently so he was quite excited that this dough was “real” and could bake in the “real oven” and, most importantly, that “we can eat this one”.



Cookie Swap


I have eaten a lot of cookies lately, a lot. I hosted a cookie swap, a tradition that more Australians need to adopt, and had a wonderful time baking, eating, choosing packaging and enjoying the company of friends. Thanks to all of you for making it a great afternoon!





For packaging and decorating I had homemade mini pom poms, holly berries, washi tape, wooden decorations, bells, mini pegs, doilies, ribbons and twine. Packaging supplies from my craft supply, kikki.K and Shmick.


Robot Cookies


Some mix-and-match robot cookies, inspired by Hello Naomi’s cupcakes (although far more amateur, my first attempt at decorating cookies with fondant). Lots of fun!



Bulldozer Cake

The little man requested a bulldozer cake for his birthday (continuing the theme from last year). Inspired by this cake and equipped with some family blocks of Kit Kats, yellow and black food colouring, fondant icing and a napping baby, I attempted to fulfil his wish.


Most importantly the little man loved it! (Meanwhile I was critical of my fondant icing, which I ran out of time to smooth properly, and my blade being too curved for a bulldozer). I’m hoping he wants a bulldozer cake every birthday – it was quite simple and not time-consuming. I’d recommend it if you have a construction-loving child.


Chick Pops

I was given Bakerella’s, “Cake Pops” (Chronicle Books, 2010) for mother’s day and have been wanting to make something from it since then. So with our farm theme in mind I tried the “Spring Chicks” (p53) (because they looked far easier than these Sugar Sheep, p57).

Perhaps mini m&ms don’t have the same charm as her sprinkles and I don’t have the same finesse as Bakerella! But at least the cake pops were delicious and somewhat cute.


Christmas in July

An Australian Christmas is not conducive to sipping hot chocolate by an open fire and enjoying a warming roast but July’s cooler weather is far more suitable and there a few Christmas in July events taking advantage of it. Making a gingerbread house is my Christmas tradition so I offered to make one for a Christmas in July this year.

I’d love to improve my piping skills so I could decorate a house with a little more finesse but until then lollies/candy can cover up what my skills are lacking.


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