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Today is shrove Tuesday so we’ve been enjoying some pancake fun while talking about Easter approaching. I think this is a good time to talk about our sin and God’s great grace and forgiveness so we have been looking at 1 John 1:9:

But if we confess our sins to God, he will keep his promise and do what is right: he will forgive us our sins and purify us from all our wrongdoing. (GNT)



Nativity Pretend Play

We are continuing to excitedly prepare for Christmas with plenty of time spent talking about the birth of Jesus as we craft and play as well as some celebrations with Christmas desserts and friends.


– Peg doll nativity




– Angels from mini funnels


– Cardboard box nativity for pretend play




– Christmas dessert evening


One week to go!


Christmas Car and Reindeer {Box Vehicles}

With just over 6 weeks until Christmas the little man is beyond excited (he has already written and posted some Christmas cards and taken note of everywhere that does and does not have decorations up). He has been asking for a reindeer to ride in so here are the newest additions to our box vehicle fleet.


The requested reindeer:


And a Christmas car:



The little men have been loving them and I am loving getting into the Christmas spirit!


If you would like to make some please have a look at the tutorial for a small car, the reindeer needs very little alterations to the box itself and just a little decoration and the Christmas car could be made using any of the shapes shown and adding some trees to decorate it.


Box Bank

The little man has been interested in money for a while and asked me to make an ATM for us to play with. We thought a guarded truck to transport the money in would be a good addition for transporting the cash, seeing as the boys love their box vehicles.





We enjoyed them so much that we used them for a theme which I will post more about next week.


Box Boat


Our most recent box vehicle is a simple sailboat made from one and a half nappy (diaper) boxes.



Box Dump Truck


Thanks for all your requests for more information on making a dump truck from a cardboard box. I used one nappy/diaper box for the cab and frame and a second, smaller box for the dumping bed.

To enable the dumping bed to move you need to create a hinge along the back of the frame where the bed attaches to it. Here are three possibilities.


Firstly, a folded piece of cardboard. Place the folded edge along the back and attach the cardboard to the top of frame and the bottom of the dumping bed. A thicker piece of cardboard will give more support to the dumping bed, however it may also mean that the dumping bed is never completely flat when sitting on top of the frame. The overall look and size of the dump truck you are making may help you decide if this is the hinge you want to use.

Secondly, pipe cleaners. Make holes in the back of the frame and dumping bed and thread the pipe cleaners through. I have twisted the pipe cleaner ends together inside the dumping tray. For more support, use more pipe cleaners along the back edge. If you choose to use this type of hinge you may find it easier to make the holes and thread the pipe cleaners through while making the frame rather than waiting until it is finished.

Thirdly, a cylinder such as a piece of dowel, skewer or straw, depending on the size of dump truck you are making. You will need the sides near the back of the frame to be higher than the level at which the dumping bed sits. I added some extra cardboard but it may be easier to cut the frame with this shape when you are making it. Make holes in this higher part of the frame and also the sides near the back of the dumping tray and thread a piece of dowel through. You may wish to attach something larger than the holes you have made onto the ends of the dowel so that it does not slide out (or get pushed out by busy little fingers).

Please let me know if you have more questions or if anything could be clearer.



Fire engine fun

Making the large cardboard fire engine sparked a week of fire engine and firemen activities for us.


– cardboard tube firemen and dalmatians (dalmatian inspired by these reindeer)


– fire engine word match (inspired by this number match game)


– fire engine stained glass windows


– build-a-fire engine felt board

– fire engine cut out cards

– fire engine cake


– firemen “thank you”s and a visit to the local fire station

{See here for more firemen related activities}


Fire Engine


Our latest addition to our collection of box vehicles is a fire engine made from a large cardboard box.  Being so much bigger than our previous vehicles, I was able to add doors on one side and at the back and it accommodates a few children playing simultaneously.


So far it has been fun (although baby boy’s favourite part is pulling off the cardboard features which the little man is not too happy about).



Ice Cream


We have been escaping the summer heat with some ice cream fun, it’s been one of the most fun themes we’ve done together.

– ice cream taste testing

– making our own 3-ingredient ice cream (using these instructions)

– ice cream cookies


– painting with shaving cream (the little man put ice cream all the way inside the cone to surprise the person who eats the ice cream)

– rhyming words (and one that doesn’t quite fit. Idea from here)


– cardboard ice cream stand


– cardboard ice cream delivery trucks


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