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Today is shrove Tuesday so we’ve been enjoying some pancake fun while talking about Easter approaching. I think this is a good time to talk about our sin and God’s great grace and forgiveness so we have been looking at 1 John 1:9:

But if we confess our sins to God, he will keep his promise and do what is right: he will forgive us our sins and purify us from all our wrongdoing. (GNT)




Our theme this week is nothing more than an excuse to do lots of maths activities (which is not difficult with so many fun ways to do them).


– fish and graph. We had 100 fish to catch, some of which we graphed. We also grouped them by colour and shape. The fish are made from cardboard each with a staple in them and the fishing rod is a wooden stick, string and a magnet.


– 100 city and more/less than. I drew a city with 100 objects in it. We counted how many of each object there were and chose some pairs to determine if there were more than, less than or equal numbers of them.


– tree with 100 dot sticker leaves.

– read and feed. I wrote 100 words on leaves for the little man to read and then feed to the giraffe.

– introduction to multiplication by counting leaves on trees.


– 100 spikes on the echidna (the little man counted as he went but stopped well before 100 as he thought it was full enough).

– stamping with dice (idea from here, although ours is simplified). xo


The little man and I have spoken a lot lately about real and pretend things and of course aliens came up often while we were busy with space activities recently. So this week we celebrated the pretend with monsters.


– making monster snacks

– skip counting with monsters (counting by 1 – monsters; counting by 2s – legs; counting by 5s – eyes; counting by 10s – spots)

– playdough, slime and goop monsters (we used some of the recipes from here. These are possibly my favourite playdough monsters – so cute!)


– monster word squash (inspired by this game)

– monsters from bags, boxes and bits and pieces

– sock puppet monsters




Following on from planes last week, we spent this week having fun with rockets.


– painting a rocket and aluminium foil

– planet painting (rolling practice golf balls through paint)

– sorting words into two rockets (we used words that begin with ‘g’ and words that end with ‘g’ but this activity lends itself to so many possibilities. Inspired by this).

– straw rockets (instructions here.)


– drawing a rocket

– star threading

– sight words and making sentences with words on rockets

– rocket cake

– bubble wrap moon painting

– making and throwing a comet (adapted from here)



The little man was enjoying folding and flying paper aeroplanes so we came up with a few more activities to go along with it.


– Folding, flying and measuring distance with paper planes (not pictured)

– Paper plane maths (numbers written on the inside of folded planes which we used to add, substract, order from smallest to largest and so on)

– Decorating cardboard planes

– Words in plastic egg planes (idea from these plastic egg bees)

– Plane cupcakes

– Cloud words (matching letters and rhyming words, tracing and writing)

– Sensory sky tub (shredded paper, cotton wool, runway, control tower, toy planes and helicopters)

– Game in which we spun the propeller to label aeroplane parts



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