Our toddler and preschooler friendly New Year’s Eve party includes party poppers, paper garlands, glow sticks, balloons, bubbles, dress up props, sparklers and a homemade pineapple piñata (inspired by these and many others on the site).


I have made scratch off cards with different activities written underneath, so we will scratch one off at a time throughout the evening. (Instructions for making scratch off cards are here. If I do this again I’d use a darker colour than yellow.)


Our activities include:

– Pineapple time match (matching analogue time, digital time and words)

– Make pineapple lolly bags

– Make disco balls

– Bubble wrap dancing (not pictured)

– What’s the Time Mr Wolf? (not pictured)

– Photos with props and dress-ups (not pictured)

– Eat cake (not pictured)

– Piñata (not pictured)

– Sing, “Every Tickety Tock” by Colin Buchanan and talk about God’s control of all things (not pictured)

– Calendar match (matching the name of the month, its number and some photos of activities we did during that month in 2014. Not pictured)

– 2014 review (we will write down things like our memories, favourite food and what we would like to be when we grow up to keep and look back at later. There are plenty of these types of questionnaires such as here. Not pictured.)

– Prayers for 2015 (not pictured)


Happy New Year!