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Polar Bears

It has been hot here lately, extremely hot. So we’ve been trying to cool ourselves off by thinking about snow, ice and polar bears.


– sensory fun (snow made from flour and oil, ice, water, clear beads, toy animals)


– polar bear paintings

– true or false with polar bear facts

– sorting snowballs into words starting with “ch” and words starting with “s” (to work on speech sounds)

– polar bear snack (idea from here)



Back to School


We have been playing school quite a bit lately with a preschooler and kindergartener eager to start the year (which runs calendar year here in Australia).


– Story about what the little men are looking forward to

– School cake

– Noun-adjective-verb sort

– Tissue paper apples

– Dot number match

– Apple science (oxidation)

– Letter hunt

– Vocabulary expansion word profiles

– Letter stamp painting


We hope your little ones get off to a great start this school year!


Egg Science

The little man was recently given a science kit which he loves so with Easter approaching and so many experiments that use eggs we decided to have some fun with egg science. We also talked about new life and Jesus’ resurrection which we celebrate at Easter.

“Why do you look for the living among the dead?  He is not here; he has risen! Remember how he told you, while he was still with you in Galilee: ‘The Son of Man must be delivered over to the hands of sinners, be crucified and on the third day be raised again.’ ~ Luke 24:6-7 (NIV)


Shedding eggs – dissolving the shell off eggs in vinegar. Then we used these naked eggs as bouncing eggs (instructions here). These are so much fun.

– Egg scientist (idea from here via here)


– Swinging Eggs (instructions here)


Shrinking eggs (with a naked egg in a sugar solution. Instructions here. We also used a raw egg in another sugar solution to compare.)

– Ordering eggs by size

Spinning eggs (raw vs hard boiled eggs). We also used raw and hard boiled eggs for rolling eggs and squeezing eggs (instructions here).


Floating eggs (instructions here). We also tried raw vs hard boiled eggs to see whether they sink or float.


Exploding egg (the little man loves making volcanoes so we decided an eggshell would be a good container for one. We just combined bicarb soda with vinegar coloured red).

– Word match and spell using the little man’s science kit (idea from here)


{If you are interested in doing some Easter experiments there are lots of sites with ideas such as here, here, here and here, and my favourite is here.}



Fire engine fun

Making the large cardboard fire engine sparked a week of fire engine and firemen activities for us.


– cardboard tube firemen and dalmatians (dalmatian inspired by these reindeer)


– fire engine word match (inspired by this number match game)


– fire engine stained glass windows


– build-a-fire engine felt board

– fire engine cut out cards

– fire engine cake


– firemen “thank you”s and a visit to the local fire station

{See here for more firemen related activities}


Ice Cream


We have been escaping the summer heat with some ice cream fun, it’s been one of the most fun themes we’ve done together.

– ice cream taste testing

– making our own 3-ingredient ice cream (using these instructions)

– ice cream cookies


– painting with shaving cream (the little man put ice cream all the way inside the cone to surprise the person who eats the ice cream)

– rhyming words (and one that doesn’t quite fit. Idea from here)


– cardboard ice cream stand


– cardboard ice cream delivery trucks


Polka dots

Last month at the little man’s preschool they read, The Dot by Peter Reynolds and joined in International Dot Day. I happen to quite like polka dots so this was all the inspiration I needed to do some dot-related activities of our own. {Reynolds, The Dot. Candlewick Press, 2003}.


– ping pong ball pattern match (inspired by this pin from which I cannot access)

– salad spinner painting

– bunting made from his paintings (using straws and cardboard tubes as stamps, inspired by this)

– spelling with a tennis ball face (inspired by this)

– abstract art from paint dots (idea from here)

– circle construction (idea from here)



Here’s some of our fun from a week of robot activities:


– robot using things from dad’s toolbox and mum’s sewing basket


– robot costume from a cardboard box and old lids



– playdough robot (idea from here)


– building a robot using rhyming words

– matching by number or colour and some addition using dice (idea from these domino robots)


– robots using things from the kitchen and our craft box

– fun with aluminium foil (cutting, tearing, scrunching and decorating)


– mix-and-match robot cookies (idea from Hello Naomi’s cupcakes)





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