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Toddler Activities

Happy Christmas!

And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night. An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord. This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.”

 Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying, “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.”

~ Luke 2:8-14 (NIV)


Have a very happy Christmas!

(Crafts pictured are some of our advent crafts. See here, here, here and here).




Advent Activities #3

Here are the final four of our advent activities, the first four are here, the next seven are here and the full list is here.

All four themes are about all the celebrations we have at Christmastime because it is such an important time.




– Birthday party for Jesus with bunting, streamers, balloons, blowers, hats and we will bake a cake together

– Making bon bons/crackers (we chose to use a wind-up toy for each bon bon so we can race them on Christmas day. Jokes from here)

– Learning fractions with cardboard cakes




– Colour matching

– Guess and count contents of baubles

– Bell and pipe cleaner wreath (idea from here)

– Decorations sensory tub

– Jar to fill with snow and trees




– Threading Christmas tree (idea from here)

– Wooden Christmas trees to decorate

– Finding and counting decorations on a tree

– Filling Christmas tree ornaments

– Velcro ornaments for a Christmas tree (idea from here)




– Pretend Christmas lunch (idea from here)

– Matching gingerbread word families

– Felt cookie and icing set

– Building gingerbread houses

– Gingerbread playdough (not pictured)

– Baking cookies (not pictured)


Advent Activities #2

Here are the majority of our advent activities for this year. The first four themes are here, the last four are here and the full list is here.



We will look at the messages the angels brought and focus on their rejoicing at that good news.


– Angel pancakes (not pictured)

– Decorating polystyrene angels

– Painting with angel cookie cutters as stamps

– Pom pom and wooden peg angels (idea from these fairies)

– Angel wing match (matching pairs of words with the same silent letter – k, h, w, b, g and t)



Linked to our theme of angels, we will enjoy the music of Christmas carols as well as the message they tell.


– Wooden spoon carolers, which we will both make and use as puppets

– Matching lyrics of carols

– Salt tray with sheet music of carols underneath

– Singing together



Again this theme is linked to angels – just as they shared the good news we also want to share it. I have chosen to incorporate bells into this theme as they bring attention to those sharing the good news. I also want to reinforce and have the little man retell the Christmas story in different ways so that he is proficient at sharing it.


– Christmas bingo

– Bell Hershey kisses memory. We have two versions, one using pictures and another using lower and uppercase letters (idea from here)

– Bell scoop transfer (idea from this bauble transfer)

– Storybook prompts for the little man to write his own Christmas story



Once again the shepherds shared the good news, and glorified and praised God for what they saw, so we will focus on doing the same.


– Sheep and shepherd tic-tac-toe

– Multiplication by counting groups of stars, angels, sheep and shepherds

– Paper bag sheep with painted wool and details to glue on

– Marshmallow sheep (idea from here)

– Paper people sheep and shepherds to decorate



The wise men were joyful and worshipped Jesus, giving him gifts, so we will encourage each other in how we can worship Jesus also.


– Wise men chalkboard silhouettes to draw on

– Cut and paste wise men craft

– Felt crowns to decorate

– More and less than with gold coins

– Wise men bottles with stars (we have one bigger one to represent the star that the wise men followed), glitter, water and oil (idea from here, under science activities)

– Explanation of the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh (not pictured)



This theme is linked to the wise men and the star that they followed.


– Crayon resist star painting

– Star search and find (there are chocolate stars hidden in with the Hershey kisses)

– Wool wrapped star ornaments

– Star cinnamon ornaments (not pictured)

– Star sandwich (not pictured)



This theme is also linked to the wise men and we will use it to encourage each other to be selfless and kind toward others.


– Gift-wrapping station (idea from here)

– Wrapping candy using cut out paper to look like a wise man (we have used small boxes of skittles)

– Washi tape tree cards, both to make and to write in and give to others (inspired by these cards)

– Small presents for some of the little man’s friends

– Painting presents using a square stamp and ribbons

– Coming up with ways to be kind (not pictured)


Advent Activities #1

Here are the details of our first four advent activities this year. The next seven are here, the final four are here and the full list is here.



We will be explaining advent itself, the anticipation, preparation for and countdown to the celebration of the coming of Jesus.


– Handprint wreaths (inspired by this but there are plenty of instructions elsewhere also)

– Finishing patterns on wreaths using holly leaves and berries

– Ways to make the number 24 (using 24 red balls and 24 pipe cleaners)



We will look at Mary and Joseph, their journey to Bethlehem and their obedience to God’s plan for them.


– Journey to Bethlehem game, reading words with ‘s’ and ‘sh’ sounds

– Shadow puppets

– Roll and create a felt picture of Mary and Joseph’s journey

– Mary’s song and praising God



This theme will focus on the birth of Jesus.


– Matchbox manger (inspired by this)

– Matching words and pictures

– Learning to draw a nativity scene, each page of the book builds one more element into the scene (idea from here)

– Cut and paste nativity scene




– Light of the world find-a-word

– Silhouette nativity scene candle holders (I have used black contact on jars and battery operated tea lights)

– Star and manger light garland (we will place a light from the string of lights through each of the stars and manger)

– Torch projections of star, candle and manger

– Light of the world verses




For advent this year I wanted to make sure our focus is on Jesus, his birth and his purpose in coming as a man so I have chosen to make the little men some themed activities. I came up with 15 themes, listed below, and the other days in the advent season I have Christmas books for them to open, most of which are retellings of the Christmas story.

Our themes will be:

– Advent

– Mary and Joseph

– Jesus and the nativity

– Jesus, light of the world

– Angels

– Carols

– Sharing the good news

– Shepherds

– Wise men

– Stars

– Gifts and kindness

– Celebrating

– Decorations

– Trees

– Baking


The details of the first four are here, the next seven are here and the final four are here.



For our final week of spring activities we chose bee activities. We also learnt that God makes bees and that honeybees work together, just as God made us and we can encourage and help each other.


– bee occupation match (matching words with pictures)

– bubble wrap beehives (idea from here)

– cut and paste bee craft

– tasting honeycomb

– bee wing word families (idea from this bat activity. We used -ink, -ace and -own words)


– learning about pollination with a game adapted from this activity

– matching bee sums with their hives

– bee facts

– balloon bee races (we learnt that rounder balloons than those pictured work better. Instructions here).



Continuing to enjoy spring, we have been doing ladybird activities this week. We have talked about how God makes the ladybirds and that they are helpful in the garden, just as God made us and gives us tasks we can do to help others.


– ladybird facts

– find and tally ladybirds

– ladybird words (using words that have a change in vowel sound where an ‘e’ is added at the end)


– ladybird cupcakes

– ladybird stain glass window craft



The little man and I have spoken a lot lately about real and pretend things and of course aliens came up often while we were busy with space activities recently. So this week we celebrated the pretend with monsters.


– making monster snacks

– skip counting with monsters (counting by 1 – monsters; counting by 2s – legs; counting by 5s – eyes; counting by 10s – spots)

– playdough, slime and goop monsters (we used some of the recipes from here. These are possibly my favourite playdough monsters – so cute!)


– monster word squash (inspired by this game)

– monsters from bags, boxes and bits and pieces

– sock puppet monsters




Following on from planes last week, we spent this week having fun with rockets.


– painting a rocket and aluminium foil

– planet painting (rolling practice golf balls through paint)

– sorting words into two rockets (we used words that begin with ‘g’ and words that end with ‘g’ but this activity lends itself to so many possibilities. Inspired by this).

– straw rockets (instructions here.)


– drawing a rocket

– star threading

– sight words and making sentences with words on rockets

– rocket cake

– bubble wrap moon painting

– making and throwing a comet (adapted from here)


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